What is a Home Barista?

Home Barista is a person that is passionate and enthusiastic about coffee, who applies Barista techniques and uses various types of devices for the extraction and preparation of coffee at home.

He/she is usually a curious and restless person, eager to learn and experiment. We could say that Home Baristas are the true "connoisseurs of coffee and its extraction".

The proliferation of specialty coffees, with increasingly professional and high-quality machines for preparing coffee, are giving rise to the figure of the Home Barista emerging every day in homes around the world. A new movement, with a lot of potential, that is here to stay.

That is why at La Rocca we want to pay special attention to Home Baristas, meeting their needs and offering a range of products and services designed especially for them.

Machines and Accessories

At La Rocca we have all the necessary tools for you to fully enjoy the process and the experience of extracting the best coffee.

Specialized Training

Courses, workshops, certificates and exclusive training from the best professionals so that you become a true Home Barista.

Personalized Attention

We accompany you throughout the purchase process, we teach you how to use your machine and we also offer you numerous customization options.

a real
Home Barista

Hundreds of customers already have a Retro by La Rocca coffee machine in their home. Exceptional design, outstanding performance and all the characteristics of a great machine in a reduced format.
Do you also want to have a Home Barista by La Rocca corner at home?
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